Our goal is simple. Be indespensible.
Advocate’s customer service staff is responsible for building strong relationships with our ever-expanding client base. We provide answers instead of obstacles, welcoming the challenge and opportunity to turn your concept into a reality. The team works on the front line to ensure that every estimate and order is handled professionally and meets the quality expectations of our clients.

Successful printing depends on good communication. Advocate focuses on building strong relationships with employees, suppliers and most importantly - with you.

No two companies have the same needs, which is why we pride ourselves on personalized service. We take the time to learn what is important to you and your customers, allowing our talented team to complete each project accurately and on time. Producing excellent product is our goal; if we notice something doesn’t look right, we’ll give you a call. This extra attention has saved our customers time, money and embarrassment on duplicated orders and overlooked errors.
Our Team:


Debbie Van Veen
Account Manager

Telephone: 902-485-8368
Cell: 902-759-6684

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Jill Munro
Account Manager

Telephone: 902-485-7316

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Susan Purdy
Account Manager

Telephone: 902-485-1579
Cell: 902-396-6184

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Angella Campbell
Client Services

Telephone: 902-485-7327

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Sue-Ellen Ripley
Account Manager

Telephone: 902-485-7320

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Patricia Ripley
Project Manager

Telephone: 902-485-7325

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