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At Advocate, we have assembled an amazing team of PrePress and PreMedia professionals to preflight, troubleshoot, refine, and output your digital artwork with speed and precision. Familiar with all the creative software on the market, we handle most source files. Our job is to make certain that your files succeed on the press, ensuring that they perform as planned. Our preflight verification process includes checking for bleed, keylines, line breaks, and trapping as well as a host of other technical details. And as part of our commitment to adding value to your printing experience, our PreMedia techs are always available to you for consultation and advice.

From the moment we receive your files via FTP upload, email, thumbdrive or CD, our prepress department gets down to business. We have continuously upgraded our prepress infrastructure to provide the most efficient and effective workflow available while still providing careful attention to the preparation of your digital artwork.

For quick turnaround of short-run publications, data sheets, flyers, or manuals or documents that have a short shelf life or that require regular version changes, are produced most cost-effectively using digital printing technology. Our print-on-demand service allows you to print what you need when you need it and in the quantities you require. It makes us an efficient supplier for your manuals, product sheets, data sheets, and binders. Advocate's digital department is also set up for variable printing—that is, for personalized documents such as invoices, fundraising correspondence, direct mail and target marketing pieces. We can program and print for one-to-one communication—in color or black and white. We also have added CD/DVD burning and printing, as well as 3-D page turning pdf applications for your e-marketing solutions.

At Advocate, our integrated digital prepress and printing operations give you all the features you expect from today's best technologies, including digital proofing, automated imposition, computer-to-plate, and color calibration for press. To ensure speed and accuracy, our system is a closed loop where the colour within your file is also fed into the presses, so even before the plates are made, the press is being optimized for your job. This greatly reduces make-readies which also saves you paper, time and money while guaranteeing the quality you've come to expect from Advocate.

Our G7 Calibrated Canon proofers can output colour-accurate Hi-Res proofs for your approval. You and your client will be impressed with the colour and accuracy of these proofs! If you prefer, a PDF can be sent for you to view and approve providing a quicker proofing alternative. This can be sent via your own portal through our Insite service. This internet application has your proof to you in minutes on a secured site where you can even make the changes yourself!

Our commitment to technology and training means that we can control color more effectively, so that what you see on your proof very closely resembles what you expect from the press.

Color management

Color management is about achieving consistent, predictable color with the least amount of waste and the most efficient workflow.

To attain the best quality color:

We tailor our scanning services to match our presses and printing conditions.

We fingerprint our presses and use that data to calibrate to the award-winning EFI Best® color proofing system.

We have the most modern color management tools, such as scanning densitometers and spectrophotometers.

We are certified G-7 Masters by Idea Alliance and PIA/GATF, as well as certified Adobe Print Providers and Partners in Print Solutions.

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