Advocate believes that good environmental decisions are good business decisions.


There are many reasons why Advocate is located in Atlantic Canada amid some of the most breathtaking land in the country, but the greatest reason is simply that we love it here. The natural beauty in which we work and play every day inspires us to ensure the health of our communities the world's forests for future generations. Our hope is that you share the same values.

FSC 2017

We have built our business on sensible alternatives that help sustain our local and global environment. As such, we have been participating in recycling and waste reduction initiatives for over 50 years. We are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified and all of our paper comes from sustainable forests. In addition to our own internal recycling practices, strategic partnerships with like minded suppliers and pollution prevention investments, we actively work with our communities to develop and support environmentally progressive projects. 

Our Environmental Policy 


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